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I want Midwifery Claims to file my birth claim to my insurance company.

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I only want a verification of my midwifery benefits (VOB); I do not need other services at this time.

Option 3:
I am visiting a midwife for a non-birth issue and need help filing the claim for my visit.

Option 4:
I am buying new insurance and want to discuss my options for home or birth center birth coverage with Midwifery Claims.

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At what point in my pregnancy is the best time to engage Midwifery Claims to help me with my billing?

What if my insurance company says they will not cover my birth?

How much will my insurance company pay on birth claims?

How can I check the progress of my claims as they are processed?

If my policy changes, what should I do?

How long will it take for payment on my claim to arrive?


Nicole Peluso

Our company is owned by Nicole Peluso, an IBCLC and doula, who is also a licensed health insurance agent and has vast knowledge of the different insurance policies available for homebirth and how they work. Nicole holds a B.A. from Boston College and previously helped manage two birth centers and several midwifery practices.

Our sister company, Lactation Consultant Billing, was formed as a response to help lactation consultants bill insurance for their services. Our staff of medical coders, account executives and customer support at both companies are passionate about assisting all birth workers in growing profitable businesses and are truly committed to providing women with more access to midwifery support and more choices in how they care for their bodies and their families.



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